Thursday, August 29, 2013

Child-Friendly Jester Costumed Character Solvang

Jingles the Jester, created by Tricia the Face Painter. © Jingles And Tricia

JINGLES THE JESTER has been making children smile as a kid-friendly, NO MAKE-UP, non-scary jester clown, for over a decade. Doing his "walkabout" meet-and-greet goofiness at family and community events always brings up the fun-level for any occasion. {Update: Jingles and Tricia RETIRED in 2011}.

Young children find Jingles to be very approachable, which is just what his manager and wife, Tricia, planned in 2001 when she began creating his character, at the urging of an elementary school teacher neighbor and friend. Tricia is NOT a fan of the bold or garish style of traditional clown makeup, so after trying a few face painting designs on Jingles, she decided a make-up-free style was what most young children responded the best to.

Originally appearing at preschool birthday parties and elementary school events, Jingles the Jester and Tricia the Children's Face Painter began entertaining at business and corporate events as well.

A few years ago Jingles retired from twisting balloons and Tricia retired from face painting to focus on her fairytale photography, but they both still enjoy seeing the reactions of children when Jingles the Jester appears at parties, parades and special events.

Tricia plans Jingles the Jester's Walkabout Character Appearance bookings, so Please Contact us to schedule an appearance or request a rate estimate.

Jingle Jingle!
© Jingles And Tricia
© Jingles And Tricia

*Owner of:

© Jingles And Tricia

How to Have a Professional Face Painting Attitude Even if You are a Beginning Face Painter

How to have a Professional face painting Attitude even if you are a beginning face painter: 

How to Act Like a Professional: As a face painter, you are a performer. You are "in Character". Therefore, once you get ready for a gig/event, you are "on stage" from the time you leave your house to the time you return home again. 

Have a good Attitude. A Business attitude. A Professional attitude. Remember this is a BUSINESS and you are a business owner. Have a professional, friendly, and approachable attitude at all times, with Service being your priority, and you will have happy repeat clients.

Here is the Why and How of acting like a professional: 

  • Social Media: People {potential clients!} are reading what you write. Reading what you blog about. Viewing pictures you post. Reading your comments to others. If you are on any Open groups, or comment Publicly, watch your language. Use kind words. Be wise and mature and accountable. Be the business person you should be. Be the performer YOU would want to hire. Always assume someone is checking you out with the potential of hiring you for an event.
  • Your Audience: Someone is always watching your behavior and performance, on and off the 'stage' of your event. Your neighbors watch when you load up your car (I got hired to work a birthday party from a neighbor I did not know, who always saw me loading my car in uniform for events). The early guests when you arrive at the event/gig and unload your car. The kids when you set-up. The host when you greet them upon arrival. The guests at the event when you pack up and drive off. When you are in the restroom. Someone may be watching at all times. It comes with the job. You are kind of like a celebrity at those gigs when you are dressed for your event. Don't arrive with music blasting from your car. Don't smell like smoke. Don't frown. Don't gripe or grumble or complain to the kids or guests. Have clean teeth and fresh breath and clean clothes. Dress modestly and appropriately to the event. SMILE. Common sense, right?
  • If you stop somewhere on the way to or from an event: You are probably in your work uniform/costume (mine is simply black outfit with face painting apron, face painting hat, and eye design painted on myself) so people will be looking at you. Keep business cards in your pocket and purse/wallet in case you are asked where you are going or why you are dressed up like that. Wear a smile. Stay in character. Be On Stage. You are Performing, even then. (I got a pizza parlor gig offer that way. The owner was watching me at a party, and after the gig he asked me to be a regular for his business every week).
  • At the event and at all times when you are On Stage/In Character: SMILE! Stand up straight. Carry yourself like a confident person (even if you are not!) Act like the professional you want to be. Have a Good Attitude.
  • When frustrated: We all get frustrated. We all get irritated. We all get upset from time to time. We all get annoyed by certain parents, hosts or guests. We all get burned out on occasion. It happens. But keeping that Smile and Acting like you are having a great time will help you remain professional and hold it together until you get home. And on the way to the event, do something that cheers you up and gets your energy going, such as good music, a pep-talk (positive self-talk), prayer, whatever. 
  • When you vent your feelings online and in forums: Use constructive criticism and speak well. Your peers are watching you too. Be someone that they can look up to. Raise the standard. This is a profession. Elevate the art of face painting to show people why they should hire a professional! Be proud to be a professional face painter!
Note: Safety and hygiene are very important of course, and those are number one priorities, along with having satisfied customers. Topics such as how to take care of your face painting kit so that you do not cross contaminate those you paint, what kind of paints to use, what kind of glitter to use, and so on will be referenced later in this article).

And now the other information you need to be a professional face painter:

Your Supplies: Professional Make-up Quality Face Paints Only (Never use acrylics; do Not use craft paints or craft glitter!) and professional cosmetic-grade glitter for skin. 
*Why I do NOT use acrylics for face painting here.* 
*Why I do NOT use craft glitter here.* 
Where to Buy professional face painting supplies here.

How to clean your face painting kit. Keep your set-up tidy, your water clean, your brushes rinsed. Look organized (practice your set-up at home). Heather the owner and CEO of SillyFarm Supplies has a great article on this here.

Brushes 101: Which ones to buy, and what they do. Excellent Video here.

Marketing your Business. "The Green {as in Money} Brush": Videos/or and articles, Part 1Part 2.

Being Business minded even if you are very artsy (not business-y) at heart: This is a business. Treat it like one. Have a logo, a website (wordpress, blogger, etc.), business cards always on hand, and a business facebook (not personal profile/timeline) and/or instagram business page. Social networking helps, so remember to act like the professional you want to be when you are on social media. 

Have a Contract, and require a Reservation Fee / Booking Fee to hold the time/date/location/facepainter, even if you think you do not need one. This is part of being a professional and will save you problems down the road when you will wish you had one to back you up. 

Training from the Pros: Learn. Study. Practice. Free face painting training online videos here. Professional FabaTV {subscription paid and free monthly live videos} from the Masters hereBooks and dvd's here. And of course YouTube has lots of free videos for your face painting training. Some of my faves are: Lisa Joy YoungSillyHeatherAshlea Henson/MimicksDenise Cold/Painted Party just to name a few!

Pricing your Work: There is something called price fixing, which in a nutshell means all face painters cannot fix the same price for their work, there needs to be competition. Having said that however, it is important to price yourself (a) according to your talent/skill level, (b) according to your local market and what the going rate will allow, and (c) do NOT under-price your work. This is ART. You are a PERFORMER. You are an ARTIST. You are ENTERTAINMENT.

Pricing Example: Say you are just learning and have very little experience. Maybe you say your hourly rate is $xx dollars/hour. In a year or two and after much training, practice, learning and improvement, you raise your prices an extra +20 $ an hour more, and so on, until you are at $xxx/hour when you have mastered your art and your professionalism (or just because the demand is there and you feel confident you can!)  Should you Post your Prices?

Happy Painting!
~Tricia the Children's Face Painter {Now Retired}

P.S. ~~~ Though I am retired from face painting now, my husband (Jingles the Jester) and I had more business than we could handle back in the day, so I know what worked for us and maybe some of it will work for you, too. I hope so! I am passionate about face painting and will never stop being a part of this great community. I still study face painting trends, watch the training videos, read the articles from the pros, and practice my art. I am ALWAYS LEARNING from the pros (thank God for the internet), always keeping up with my professional skills, always trying to be a light that shines on our wonderful form of Professional Entertainment. 


© Jingles And Tricia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Face Painting Darth Maul Duo QUICK Design

Darth Maul Face Painting Quick Design: These boys both asked to be Darth Maul, and my first attempt to replicate the 'real' Darth Maul took me almost an hour, so I came up with a quicker version this time. Design on left took me about 10 minutes. Right design took less.

Boy on the left wanted more black on his chin, the other boy did not.

  • Using my small Paradise Metallic Pallete, I chose the metallic red as a quick (and easier to wash off) base, lightly sponged on with a high density face painting sponge.
  • Both boys really wanted me to paint their entire eye area completely black, but I knew they would not like the clean-up to the eyes that would be required later, and it would take more time, so I just outlined the eyes instead. They were fine with that.
  • For the horns on the Darth Maul character, I represented them with three big gold claw strokes (or fat 'teardrop' strokes) with a Paradise Chisel Brush.

You will note the eye color in the first picture.
That was edited in later, just for fun.

Happy Painting!
~Tricia The Children's Face Painter 
© Jingles And Tricia

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girls Face Painting Easy Designs {Hello Kitty}

Simple, quick, easy HELLO KITTY Face Painting design for little girls. Base is White Pearl by Tag, sponged on super fast. I chose the Pearl base rather than a more solid coverage white base, because my model is young, and the pearlized face paints wipe off easily. (In fact, she cleaned her own face when she was ready for the design to come off!) The rest of the face paints are Paradise Aqua face paints, purchased at link below.

Model: Preschool age
Design: Easy Kitty
Makeup: Cosmetic-quality Face Paint Makeup (water-based, skin-safe)
Supplies purchased at Silly Farm
Photographer: Castles N Crowns Photography (by Tricia)
Face Painter: Tricia the Children's Face Painter (retired)

Birthday Parties for preschool ages 2-6 years.

© Jingles And Tricia

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pink Pirate Girl Face Painting Quick and Easy

Simple, quick, easy Pink Pirate Face Painting design for little girls. I chose not to do an eye patch, and instead put a little white heart on each cheek. On the pink bandana I mixed big dots with hearts.

Though my model looks very serious for the photo, she requested this design and was very excited and gave me a big smile when she saw herself in the mirror.

Model: Toddler
Design: Simple Pink Pirate
Makeup: Cosmetic-quality Face Paint Makeup (water-based, skin-safe)
Supplies purchased at Silly Farm
Photographer: Castles N Crowns Photography (by Tricia)
Face Painter: Tricia the Children's Face Painter

Birthday Parties for preschool ages 2-6 years.

© Jingles And Tricia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Flowers in the Mirror

Little children are my favorites to face paint. Seeing a happy child look in the mirror at their transformation is a special moment for both of us. 

Model: Age 2.5
Design: Simple quick flowers
Makeup: Cosmetic-quality Face Paint Makeup (water-based, skin-safe)
Photographer: Castles N Crowns Photography (by Tricia)
Face Painter: Tricia the Children's Face Painter

Birthday Parties for preschool ages 2-6 years.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Face Painting Darth Maul from Star Wars on little boy

My model for today's face painting was a little 4 year old boy.
He insisted on being Darth Maul from Star Wars, so I used that character for my inspiration.

Face Painting makeup used (water-based, washable, skin-safe):
Paradise Red (sponged-base)
Wolfe White over Paradise Yellow (horns with chisel brush)
Tag Pearl Black (detail lines, round brush, easier to wash pearl black off young faces)

Time: This design is not for 'line work', as it takes awhile. The above painting took about 15-20 minutes because I am not very quick at it and had to refer to a photo inspiration several times.

 The first time I tried this design was on a 6 year old who wanted every detail a certain way, and it took me 45 minutes! Step by step photos and instructions in my prior post:

For an even faster half-partial face with different detailing, you could try the design below, which uses much less red makeup but is still enjoyed by younger kids who want a Darth Maul type of character:
(Black Hooded Cloak was purchased from

All faces painted by Tricia: Now Retired.

© Jingles And Tricia