Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jingles the Jester Childrens COSTUMED CHARACTER and Tricia the Kids Face Painter

Jingles the Jester  © Jingles And Tricia
Jingles the Jester is not your typical clown! As a NON-scary, No-makeup Clown, Jingles the Jester is available for any event where you would like a Child-Friendly Costumed Character. Jingles has been being silly and fun at Appearances since 2001. Great for children of all ages.

Tricia the Childrens Face Painter has a face painting style best enjoyed by preschool kids ages 2-6. {Update: Now Retired!}

Occasionally we do small cheek art, but our specialty is the 'mask' style shown. Tricia uses only Professional Water-based Face Paints (never acrylics). Our glitter is not art glitter, it is cosmetic face glitter designed for the face and skin.

© Jingles And Tricia. All images and content is Copyrighted.

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