Friday, November 5, 2010

Tips on How to Remove Face Painting Stains from Clothing AND SKIN

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Once upon a time, a child rubbed his face after getting face painted, and then got it on his clothing. What's a parent to do to get the dried on face paint off of clothes (even though the Face Painter used the best professional water-based face paints)?

Or what about how to remove darker pigmented face paints from skin? Greens, blues, blacks, and reds are especially hard to remove!

Here are some tips:


Wet the area of clothing with Cold water (hot water may cause stain to set), and do one of the following, then wash as usual:
  • Rub with soap (glycerin or veg. based, gentle dishsoap, baby shampoo, lava soap [on whites only, as it will bleach color], or other safe-for-clothing soap). Rub well.
  • Or use a stain remover according to package directions.

  • Do NOT wash off with water first, as that will just set colors into skin even more:
  • First, take a damp (not wet) Paper Towel and press firmly up to face (DO NOT RUB), pressing down on all parts of the face paint design. After pressing against the paints, slowly lift the paper towel away from skin. SEE THE FUN REPLICA OF THE FACE PAINT DESIGN on the paper towel? It's like MIRROR IMAGE! Kids love to see that. This removes the excess paints (makeup) off first.
  • Use a skin-safe oil, such as Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil (OR: Even better, is to mix 2/3 parts Olive Oil with a combination 1/3 parts of a mixture Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil, or Coconut Oil.... or any second oil combined with mostly olive oil).
  • Then rub oil onto a Cotton Ball, Paper Towel or all natural Baby Wipe.
  • Work gently onto skin in circle motion, to break up paint/makeup pigments. Continue with fresh wipes as needed until all paint/makeup is removed.
  • Rinse skin with warm water and gently pat dry.
  • If you have a chemical-free makeup-removal face wash, or tear free baby shampoo, or gentle skin moisturizer, those can be used instead of the olive oil mixture.
© Jingles And Tricia

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