Friday, March 25, 2011

Spiderman Face Painting Designs Spider Web

Here are some spiderman-inspired designs I recently painted on little boys. I use different spiderman face painting styles depending on what the child (or parent, as is often the case) wants. Sometimes all they want is a spider or a web. These are some of my favorite boys face paintings to do!
(c) JinglesAndTricia
This design uses Paradise red for the web, and Paradise black for the spider.
Of course I only use high quality professional skin-safe face paints on all designs.
(c) Jingles and Tricia.
For this base I used a smooth, softer (and easier to wash off) metallic red from Paradise AQ.
Chamomille, aloe, Vitamin E and other wonderful ingredients in these makeup quality face paints!
(c) All Photos copyright Jingles and Tricia.
Tag Pearl White for a soft eye base, Paradise Metallic Red for base. Tag Pear Black for web and spider.
The pearl and metallics are not as contrasting, but easier to wash off little guys like this 3 year old.
(c) Jingles and Tricia
This boy's mom only wanted a partial design as he is only 2 years old  and she didn't want him to smear a more full-face design.
I am terrified of spiders! But I LOVE TO FACE PAINT SPIDERS! (c) Jingles and Tricia
(c) Jingles and Tricia.
This spider has overly long legs for his body size doesn't he?
That's part of what makes him so cool looking on a child's arm or cheek!

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