Sunday, August 7, 2011

Darth Maul Face Painting Step by Step

Star Wars Episode I (actually the 4th movie, but 1st prequel) introduced Darth Maul as one of the Sith, and my grandson asked me to paint his face like the Phantom Menace....

I researched Darth Maul's makeup online and came up with a design I thought I might be able to try. I sketched it out with pen and paper first, then painted it twice on paper, before attempting it on my cute little fellow. It's a lot of red and black makeup and can take a long time to wash off, so I wanted plenty of practice before I began on his skin. 

Warning the boy that this was going to take a long time and he would need to be very still and very patient, he was all for it and sat quietly and happily the entire time. 45 minutes from start to finish:
  • Red Paradise base color, sponged on.
  • Black Paradise lines with #4 round.
  • We tried doing the yellow/gold eyes on his eyelids, but he changed his mind and decided he did not want them, he wanted the eyes more black, so I painted over the gold.
  • Yellow/gold 'horns'.
  • He added his black hooded cape and red light saber to complete the look.

© Jingles And Tricia

Darth Maul Face Painting
Left: Google Images Search for inspiration
Right: My 6 year old model
Face Painter: Tricia the Children's Face Painter (for ages 2-8)

© Jingles And Tricia

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