Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mime Face Painting Inspired by Art Vs Science Parlez Vous Francais Video

The google search mime image: The Experiment Art Vs Science You Tube Video INSPIRATION
The child photos are mine: © 2011 Jingles And Tricia
Face Painting MIMES is fairly simple, just black face paint markings over the white base (I used Paradise USA white and black professional face paints).

The inspiration for face painting these little boys was the musical group The Experiment Art vs Science and their song Parlez-Vous Francais, which has a hilarious video with a good and a bad mime. This is the 'good' mime design. Note -- just translated the lyrics and they are kind of naughty!! Not for kids, but the video is still very well done and fun to watch, and the tune is so catchy!

Not sure who face painted the professional mime/actor, but I (Tricia) face painted the kids and had so much fun doing it!
© 2011 Jingles And Tricia
Mime model on vintage style bike which is actually my wall decor!

NOW RETIRED. 2001-2011.
© Jingles And Tricia

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