Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How I Clean my Brushes

STEP ONE: In a shallow bowl:
Add Clean water and several drops of cleaner (baby shampoo, brush cleaner, dish soap, face wash, etc).
Swish brush head around, keeping bristles/head of brush in same direction.
As a children's face painter, I keep my brushes, sponges, and makeup/paints as clean as I can. In this Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial, I will clean my makeup brushes, using the exact same technique as I use for my face painting brushes.
STEP TWO: RINSE: Continue to change water and swish/rinse brushes until water is clear.
Frequency: Face painting brushes and sponges -- in between children I always rinse brushes and sponges thoroughly in clean water and wipe the brushes back and forth on a paper towel. I blot the sponges on the paper towel. After the gig I wrap my dirty paint brushes carefully (so as not to bend the bristles out of shape) in a paper towel and put them all in a plastic bag. Once I get home I do a full cleaning, shape the bristles of the brushes, and let them air dry completely.

For my personal makeup brushes -- I clean weekly or as needed (more or less often), and do a deep cleaning (I'll show you that method here too) occasionally.

STEP 3: Final Rinse (move on to Drying steps)
Cleaning Solution: I use either a face painting brush cleaner, or baby shampoo, or liquid dish soap.

DEEP CLEANING:  (OPTIONAL, but recommended occasionally!)
Pour a bit of olive oil onto a paper towel.
PULL brush back and forth over the olive oil, working it into the bristles gently.
RE-SOAP/RINSE as in Steps 1-3 above: Amazingly, more makeup/ face paint will be released!
One more FINAL RINSE and your Deep Cleaning is done!
Caution: Do not get water inside the ferrule (the metal part that holds the bristles together), or it seems like the glue comes loose and the handle can come off. Never soak your brushes and never leave them standing in a container of water. Always shape your brush heads when you are done, and let them air dry.
STEP 4: DRYING BRUSHES: On clean paper towel (several layers), press water from bristles by pulling brush back and forth across paper towel, in the direction of the bristles. Next, shape your brushes...
STEP 5: SHAPE your brush heads/bristles back into shape with paper towel or by  hand.
Drying Brushes: Ideally it would be best to hang brushes so the water can drip down and the bristles won't bend. I don't have a system for that, so I lay my brushes down on clean paper towels to air dry.
STEP 6: FINAL DRY: Lay brushes down on clean dry towel and air dry overnight.
Storage: So many ways to store brushes! Just make sure the head/bristle end does not get bent! I wrap mine in clean paper towels and place in a plastic container, but there are many other good ways to store your face painting and makeup brushes, including a brush holder.

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