Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Face Painting Skull Designs the Boys All Asked For

This Halloween the girls all asked for flowers or butterflies (easy!) and the boys all asked for skulls (easy!), so I was face painting quick designs all night.
© Jingles And Tricia

An older teen girl asked me to "touch up" her face. She had painted herself like a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull, and it had faded or smeared. That took me longer than anything else I painted all evening, because I had to go over every line and design on her face. She had used an oil/grease paint and my professional face paints are water-based, so I don't know how long that lasted after she left my booth.

Jingles and Tricia (Retired Oct. 31, 2011)
Halloween 2011 -- Blessings!
© Jingles And Tricia

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