Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jingles And Tricia Through the Years: NOW RETIRED

Looking back on Jingles and Tricia's 10 years doing children's birthday parties, we are reminded of how much fun we had. Jingles the Jester started out with much scarier makeup, but eventually Tricia the Face Painter CHANGED Jingles's makeup from scary, to minimal, to none!
1st try at makeup! TOO SCARY, so we changed it!
Elementary School 100th Day of School Celebration, California
© Jingles And Tricia
Modified jester makeup. Balloon twisting at a school harvest carnival. © Jingles And Tricia
Early makeup, reduced, but still too much for our liking!
Taken at the Clown Convention in Las Vegas. And where did we stay?
At CIRCUS CIRCUS of course! © Jingles And Tricia

Clown makeup: removed chin marking and minimalized the cheek art.
Kept this design for years! But our demographic is very young kids (Preschool ages 2-6),
so we kept revising our jester face painting design based on client reaction. © Jingles And Tricia
© Jingles And Tricia  "Jingles the Jester" :: Central Coast, California, 2008
Line up for a balloon! Elementary School Water Park Day! © Jingles And Tricia

The 3rd grade teacher who motivated Jingles and Tricia to go into the jester/face painter party business in 2001!
© Jingles And Tricia
A California ranch, where Jingles and Tricia were favored entertainers! We are so blessed!
© Jingles And Tricia
Wow! One mom had a cake made with a photo of Jingles and her birthday child!
© Jingles And Tricia

Balloon hats at the annual Champion Reader Water Park Day
© Jingles And Tricia

2011 Fund Raiser Central Coast, CA. © Jingles And Tricia
Jingles the Jester, getting some exercise before an event! © Jingles And Tricia
Tricia and Jingles in 2004! © Jingles And Tricia

Jingles and Tricia in 2011! © Jingles And Tricia

Jingles and Tricia -- Halloween 2011 -- final gig before retiring!
© Jingles And Tricia

Tricia with a self-painted butterfly mask, circa 2004-2005
© Jingles And Tricia

Tricia at a Halloween event circa 2004-2005. © Jingles And Tricia

Tricia the Face Painter 2010-2011. Now Retired! © Jingles And Tricia

Tricia face painting for a local business fundraiser, March 2011. © Jingles And Tricia

It has been a great experience and so much fun!

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients!
© Jingles And Tricia

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