Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girls Face Painting Easy Designs {Hello Kitty}

Simple, quick, easy HELLO KITTY Face Painting design for little girls. Base is White Pearl by Tag, sponged on super fast. I chose the Pearl base rather than a more solid coverage white base, because my model is young, and the pearlized face paints wipe off easily. (In fact, she cleaned her own face when she was ready for the design to come off!) The rest of the face paints are Paradise Aqua face paints, purchased at link below.

Model: Preschool age
Design: Easy Kitty
Makeup: Cosmetic-quality Face Paint Makeup (water-based, skin-safe)
Supplies purchased at Silly Farm
Photographer: Castles N Crowns Photography (by Tricia)
Face Painter: Tricia the Children's Face Painter (retired)

Birthday Parties for preschool ages 2-6 years.

© Jingles And Tricia

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