Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Face Painting Darth Maul Duo QUICK Design

Darth Maul Face Painting Quick Design: These boys both asked to be Darth Maul, and my first attempt to replicate the 'real' Darth Maul took me almost an hour, so I came up with a quicker version this time. Design on left took me about 10 minutes. Right design took less.

Boy on the left wanted more black on his chin, the other boy did not.

  • Using my small Paradise Metallic Pallete, I chose the metallic red as a quick (and easier to wash off) base, lightly sponged on with a high density face painting sponge.
  • Both boys really wanted me to paint their entire eye area completely black, but I knew they would not like the clean-up to the eyes that would be required later, and it would take more time, so I just outlined the eyes instead. They were fine with that.
  • For the horns on the Darth Maul character, I represented them with three big gold claw strokes (or fat 'teardrop' strokes) with a Paradise Chisel Brush.

You will note the eye color in the first picture.
That was edited in later, just for fun.

Happy Painting!
~Tricia The Children's Face Painter 
© Jingles And Tricia

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