Cosmetic Glitter VS Craft Glitter

COSMETIC GLITTER is safe* to use on skin for makeup and face painting.
Craft glitter is not.

What is arts and craft glitter? Some glitters are made with metal, glass or plastic and are cut into sharp hexagonal shapes. They have dyes that could leach into eyes. Craft glitter is dangerous to use on the skin and especially never on the face where it could get into eyes and cause a reaction or permanent damage.

What is cosmetic glitter? What is makeup glitter? What is face painting glitter? Cosmetic grade glitter is a poly glitter designed to use on skin, to be safe if accidentally swallowed (non-toxic) and is cut in a safe shape (usually round and smaller) to cause the least harm.

*Warning: Even an eyelash in the eye can cause irritation. So skin-safe cosmetic or makeup/facepainting glitter could potentially irritate if it gets in the eye. Use Caution around eyes.

Just as professional face painters and makeup artists say to NEVER USE ACRYLICS on skin, they also say to NEVER USE ARTS AND CRAFTS GLITTER ON SKIN. Use Cosmetic-grade makeup quality face paints and cosmetic-grade skin-safe glitter only!

Complete article on craft vs face painting / cosmetic glitter here.
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Image: Glitter photo from SillyFarm

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