Gallery Images


Character design and photo (c) Jingles and Tricia
Princess Crown face painting design: a little girl favorite! (c) 2013
A rascal of a Pirate, with beard stubble and scar (c) 2013
Tricia's fairy mirror is an enchanting addition to her face painting kit.
Kids often come back in line to get another design, on arm or face
This little girl wanted to be a Pink Girl Pirate (c) 2013
Monster Eye Design is also a Dragon Eye Design.
Darth Maul: Not a quick design!

All white. Wipes right off with water.

The REVEAL: My favorite part!

Arm "tattoos": A group of mini-skulls.
Both boys and girls like these! (c) 2013
My favorite sword to paint, inspired by another facepainter, Lisa Joy Young, on youtube.
Pirate and Tiger
Skulls are super-popular!

This simple Butterfly face is the most popular girls design (c) 2005
Balloon Hats by Jingles the Jester add to the fun. From our first year: 2001

The Puppy's red tongue makes kids smile. Painted in 2005

Shimmery golden tiger - the fast toddler version: circa 2003
At a School event for Water Park Day. Jingles and student.
Puppy Dog face can be for boys or girls too! (c) 2010
Jingles the Jester -- a non-scary clown for kids! (c) 2001-present.
Now Retired from balloons, but still making costumed character appearances at events!
MIME: full face design. (c) 2010

Butterfly: Some prefer arm designs

Darth Maul face painting from Star Wars movie inspiration. Painted 2011 I think. (c)
This took me 45 minutes and is NOT something I can do at a birthday party with a line of kids waiting.
Iron Man using pearlized paints for easier wash-off
Hot day! These boys were sweating and their paints were melting,
but they still looked cute and had so much fun!