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JINGLES THE JESTER has been making children smile as a kid-friendly, non-scary jester clown, for over a decade. Doing his "walkabout" meet-and-greet goofiness at family and community events always brings up the fun-levelfor any occasion. {Update: Jingles and Tricia RETIRED in 2011}.

Young children find Jingles to be very approachable, which is just what his manager and wife, Tricia, planned in 2001 when she began creating his character, at the urging of a school teacher neighbor-friend. Tricia is not a fan of the bold or garish style of clown makeup, so after trying a few face painting designs on Jingles, she decided a make-up-free style was most well received for Jingles.

Originally appearing at preschool birthday parties and elementary school events, Jingles the Jester and Tricia the Children's Face Painter began entertaining at business and corporate events as well.

A few years ago Jingles retired from twisting balloons and Tricia retired from face painting to focus on her whimsical child photography art, but they both still enjoy seeing the reactions of children when Jingles the Jester appears at parties, parades and local events.

Tricia plans Jingles the Jester's Walkabout Character Appearance bookings. Please Contact us to schedule an appearance or request a rate estimate.

Jingle Jingle!

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